Saturday, October 17, 2009

This is a spin-off blog from Molly's Blog. It's purpose is to provide a forum for readers of Molly's Blog to express their opinions, either general or specific bout the parent blog. In other words, what do you like about Molly's Blog ? What do you dislike ? Are there any suggestions that you might have, either for our improvement or for issues that are not usually covered (or covered enough in your opinion) at the parent blog. Please use this space to comment on mistakes I have made, either factual or in interpretation. Also use it to say what you think is the direction that Molly's Blog should take. Suggestions about links for our ever expanding Links section are also very welcome. Any kudos ? Any gripes ? This is the place to express them. Please leave any comments as a comment below. I will gradually update this blog as comments become unwieldy.